Krone: After Stem Cell Joint Treatment: “I am Finally Free of Pain Again”

Back on the bike thanks to joint treatment with fat stem cells.

Mr. F. did a lot of sports from an early age. Every year he rode thousands of kilometers with his bike. “I always dreamed of enjoying my retirement on my racing bike,” the passionate sportsman says. Unfortunately, the pain in the knees got worse over the last three years and Mr. F. had to give up his favorite hobby. Even simple daily life tasks such as climbing stairs or having a walk became increasingly challenging.

He underwent meniscus surgery. However, the osteoarthritis in the knees became so painful that he was told that getting a joint prosthesis would be inevitable. “I tried a variety of treatments but nothing seemed to help. It was always only a temporary relief. Getting a foreign object implanted in my body was the last thing I wanted,” he remembers.

Then he saw a TV report about a new treatment with stem cells obtained from body fat. “Stem cells are responsible for repairing the body. In the stem cell treatment we use these ‘repairing cells’ where they are needed, for example, for a damaged knee,” DDr. Heinrich explains. In his clinic in Vienna these treatments are in the main focus.

Scientific studies worldwide show that many patients suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint problems who got treated with their own stem cells showed an increase in mobility and were free of pain. Even damaged cartilage could be regenerated to a certain degree. “All joints, e.g., knees, shoulders, the spine, or even fingers can be treated with this method,” says DDr. Heinrich.

The outpatient treatment of Mr. F was carried out under a local anesthesia. DDr. Heinrich obtained the stem cells from the patient’s own body fat and injected them in the affected area; in his case the damaged knee joints. The patient was able to go home the same day. “Shortly after the treatment, I was free of pain and it stayed like that until this day,” Mr. F. reports happily.

In the period after the treatment the patient took some recovery time. “After a couple of months I slowly started working out again. Last year I was able to cycle 8,500 kilometers. I feel in top shape physically,” the patient tells. “Being able to do sports with my grandchildren again is simply amazing.

DDr. Heinrich shares this sentiment: “Patients with meniscus lesion are often affected by chronic pain and degeneration. If the joint area is free of pain and flexible thanks to the stem cell treatment we can see a huge increase in the quality of the patient’s life.” In Generally, sufficient supply of the joints with the required nutrients is also very important. Special dietary supplement could also be of big help.”

For the future, the motivated patient already has very ambitious plans. This year he wants to go on hikes like in his younger years and he plans to cycle more than 10,000 kilometers!

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich
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Published in Krone Gesund on January 18, 2020.

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