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Krone: Stem Cells for the Joints – Common Questions

Problems with the knee, hip, or spine often lead to a massive reduction in the quality of life. A new method of treatment can help relieve the symptoms. People suffering from joint problems are affected by pain and lost mobility in everyday life. Walking, climbing stairs, writing, and household activities are more or less a […]

Medianet: Stem Cells for the Joints

Vienna. Almost every sixth Austrian has joint problems, often caused by wear and tear or sports injuries. Those affected suffer from pain and reduced mobility. Now, medicine has come a significant step closer to its goal of regenerating damaged joints, using stem cells from the body’s own adipose tissue. “It has been known for about […]

Krone: Stem Cells Make Joints Fit Again

Thanks to a new treatment method, many patients can be spared a stressful surgery. Nowadays almost one in six people in Austria suffers from joint problems. Stem cell injections from the patient’s own adipose tissue can relieve discomfort. Those affected from joint problems complain about severe pain and movement restrictions due to wear and injuries […]

Krone: Knee Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment: Climbing Stairs Without Pain!

How a stem cell treatment eliminated a long-standing knee problem Mrs. Kienreich wanted to enjoy her retirement to the fullest. Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, however, limited her plans. After a treatment of her knee joints with stem cells from her own body fat, she is now fully agile and has regained her quality of […]

Wiener Bezirksblatt: Stem Cell Joint Treatment: “I Can Dance Again!”

Mrs. Vogel has always been very agile. But severe knee pain limited the vital elderly lady a lot and forced her to give up her hobbies. “I always used to be out of the house, I loved dancing and strolling through the city. Having to stop these activities because of joint pain was very hard […]

Krone: Fat Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Ride My Bike Again!”

After a treatment of his knee joint with stem cells, star hairdresser Karl “Charly” Plasil is free of pain. Charly Plasil was always on his feet, be it at leisure in sports or in his salon. Pain in the knee put an end to his sporting ambitions. This was almost two years ago. Back then […]

Unsere Generation: Finally Cycling Again!

Repairing damaged joints with stem cells Pain in the joints quickly puts an end to sporting ambitions. A therapy with stem cells can help those affected to become more mobile again – and thereby increase zest for life. The warm season makes you want to exercise outdoors. But the pleasure quickly ends when the hips, […]

Wiener Bezirksblatt: Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Problems

Driving the Car Again Ottilie Ebner suffered from pain in the wrist for a long time. For decades she had worked as a nurse. In her job she has put too much stress on her hands. Everyday life became a problem. Writing. In search of a suitable therapy, she consulted the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. […]

Krone: Knee Treatment with Fat Stem Cells: “I Can Dance Again!”

A 79-year-old woman reports about the success of her knee treatment with fat stem cells Ms. Vogel has always been very agile, be it when dancing or traveling around the world. Terrible knee pain severely restricted the vital 79-year-old and forced her to give up her hobbies. After a successful treatment of the knee osteoarthritis […]

Krone: One Year after Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Still Go Skiing!”

Patients report: Fat stem cells for knee problems Even one year after a knee treatment with his own stem cells, star hairdresser “Charly” Plasil is racing down the slope on his skis without pain Strong pain in the knee took the owner of the well-known Viennese hairdresser OSSIG hairstyle & beauty, Karl “Charly” Plasil, to […]

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