Krone: Fat Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Ride My Bike Again!”

After a treatment of his knee joint with stem cells, star hairdresser Karl “Charly” Plasil is free of pain.

Charly Plasil was always on his feet, be it at leisure in sports or in his salon. Pain in the knee put an end to his sporting ambitions. This was almost two years ago. Back then he decided to undergo a knee treatment with his own fat stem cells, which helped him to regain mobility and freedom from pain until today.

When Mr. Plasil is cycling on his mountain bike today, nobody would guess that this has not always been the case. Retrospect: As a compensation for his standing profession the hairdresser enjoyed doing sports in the nature in his free time: In the warm season on his bike, in the winter on the slopes. “One day I felt pain in my knee, which got worse and worse. I could not bend my knee and I could not do any more sports,” Charly Plasil remembers.

Pain in the knees, hips, fingers, and other joints is often a sign of joint wear or inflammation. Protection of the affected joints and visiting the doctor are recommendable. Charly Plasil left nothing undone: “I got several treatments for knee osteoarthritis and also did physical therapy and massages, but no avail.” He wanted to avoid painkillers, artificial joints, and general anesthesia.

By chance, he learned about a gentle alternative from a customer. The physician DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich told him that the regenerative power of stem cells from body fat has been investigated in clinical studies worldwide for several years. The researchers found that after a stem cell treatment joint damage, such as wear, regenerated to a certain extent in the treated patients. International scientific studies prove the therapeutic potential of this treatment method.

“The patient’s stem cells transplanted to the damaged joint enhance the natural ability to regenerate and help the body remedy the cause of the joint disease on its own,” the Vienna-based doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich explains. “In the ideal case, subsequently the pain subsides and the joint becomes mobile again.” In his clinic, founded in 1994, the physician focuses on the medical use of body fat and stem cells contained therein.

The patient saw a new treatment option in the joint treatment with stem cells from his own fat and decided to undergo treatment in DDr. Heinrich’s clinic. Some body fat was taken from the patient under local anesthesia. The stem cells contained in the fat were immediately injected in the area of ​​the affected knee. After that Mr. Plasil could leave the clinic. The next day he came back for a check-up.

A few weeks later, the patient was able to strain the knee without pain and move it without any restrictions: “I was feeling as well as I felt before the knee pain appeared, so I was able to take on my daily routine as in the old days. I have been doing sports again for almost two years now, I am just a little more cautious.” This summer, too, he enjoyed the beautiful weather cycling on his mountain bike.

“Natural joints of many patients could be preserved by timely treatment of damaged joints with stem cells,” explains DDr. Heinrich. This would save patients who suffer from osteoarthritis and joint damage from stressful surgeries and the associated long downtime.

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Published in Krone Gesund on September 29, 2018.

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