Wiener Bezirksblatt: Stem Cell Joint Treatment: “I Can Dance Again!”

Mrs. V. has always been very agile. But severe knee pain limited the vital elderly lady a lot and forced her to give up her hobbies. “I always used to be out of the house, I loved dancing and strolling through the city. Having to stop these activities because of joint pain was very hard for me,” Mrs. V. looks back. An artificial joint and surgery under general anesthesia did not come into consideration.

Doctor. DDr. Heinrich says: “Treating damaged joints with stem cells could help many people to achieve a better quality of life.”

Then she learned about an alternative treatment: Stem cells contained in body fat can contribute to the regeneration of damaged joints. “The transplantation of the body’s own stem cells apparently supports the body’s ability to heal itself in case of joint problems,” DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich explains. “In many cases this treatment can relieve pain, restore flexibility, and help preserve the natural function of the joints.”

Small Surgery

Free of pain. After a treatment with fat stem cells Mrs. V. can dance again.

The stem cell treatment of Mrs. V. was carried out as a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia. About two weeks later, Mrs. V. was completely free of pain and fully mobile. Recently she attended a ball and reports happily: “Even when dancing the fast boogie-woogie, I could easily keep up with my legs.”


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Published in Wiener Bezirksblatt on January 30, 2019.

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