Krone: Knee Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment: Climbing Stairs Without Pain!

How a stem cell treatment eliminated a long-standing knee problem

Mrs. Kienreich wanted to enjoy her retirement to the fullest. Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, however, limited her plans. After a treatment of her knee joints with stem cells from her own body fat, she is now fully agile and has regained her quality of life.

The patient suffered from wear-related knee problems for years and they worsened with age. Pain and reduced mobility caused her great difficulties in household chores and physical activities: “I climbed stairs like a three-year-old child – from one step to the next,” Mrs. Kienreich recalls. She also had to cancel her hobby Nordic Walking from her daily program. When she finally woke up at night due to knee pain, she started looking for medical help.

X-ray and MR examination revealed cartilage damage in both knees. Knee replacement surgery was proposed to her, but Mrs. Kienreich wanted to avoid that. Physiotherapy provided relief only for a short period of time. Finally, she read about a new treatment option in the newspaper: Successful treatment of joint problems with stem cells from the patient’s body fat.

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, who focuses on body fat and the stem cells contained therein, says, “Stem cells are responsible for the healing of injuries or damage in the body. As part of the treatment, stem cells are taken from a body’s own deposit – in this case adipose tissue – and are injected where regeneration is needed: In the affected joints.”

By now, several scientific papers have proved the potential of this method. For several years it has been a worldwide research topic for the treatment of joint problems such as osteoarthritis. It turned out that damage to knees, hips, and other joints can actually be regenerated up to a certain degree.

“With an ideal course the symptoms will subside, which also improves mobility. Patients can be spared getting surgeries followed by a long hospitalization and rehabilitation period,” says DDr. Heinrich.

Mrs. Kienreich’s knee treatment was carried out by DDr. Heinrich on an outpatient basis. First, he obtained a small amount of the patient’s body fat by liposuction. The stem cells contained in the fat were injected during the same procedure under local anesthesia in the area of the defective knee joints. Ms. Kienreich was able to leave the clinic on her own two feet. The next day she came back for check-up.

Mrs. Kienreich can climb stairs again – DDr. Heinrich is satisfied with the knee of the patient after check-up

Already a few weeks after the treatment Mrs. Kienreich noticed an improvement of her knee problems. “Today I am free of pain and my joints are as mobile as they have not been for a long time,” the patient reports happily. Meanwhile she has been able to climb stairs in her house without problems, to sleep through restful nights, and even to do sports for a long time: “I walk for over an hour with my neighbors almost every day and I enjoy the time in nature!”

“Being mobile again gives joint patients more autonomy and enables them to better participate in social life,” DDr. Heinrich is pleased with the recovery of his patient. When Mrs. Kienreich regained her mobility, also her zest for life returned: She wants to go swimming again and is already planning a voyage in Russia. She attributes the recovery of her quality of life to the fat stem cells.

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich,
Contact: ☎ +43 1 532 18 01,

Published in Krone Gesund on February 23, 2018.

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Wiener Bezirksblatt: Stem Cell Joint Treatment: “I Can Dance Again!”

Mrs. Vogel has always been very agile. But severe knee pain limited the vital elderly lady a lot and forced her to give up her hobbies. “I always used to be out of the house, I loved dancing and strolling through the city. Having to stop these activities because of joint pain was very hard for me,” Mrs. Vogel looks back. An artificial joint and surgery under general anesthesia did not come into consideration.

Doctor. DDr. Heinrich says: “Treating damaged joints with stem cells could help many people to achieve a better quality of life.”

Then she learned about an alternative treatment: Stem cells contained in body fat can contribute to the regeneration of damaged joints. “The transplantation of the body’s own stem cells apparently supports the body’s ability to heal itself in case of joint problems,” DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich explains. “In many cases this treatment can relieve pain, restore flexibility, and help preserve the natural function of the joints.”

Small Surgery

Free of pain. After a treatment with fat stem cells Mrs. Vogel can dance again.

The stem cell treatment of Mrs. Vogel was carried out as a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia. About two weeks later, Mrs. Vogel was completely free of pain and fully mobile. Recently she attended a ball and reports happily: “Even when dancing the fast boogie-woogie, I could easily keep up with my legs.”


DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich,
1010 Vienna, Landhausgasse 2,
Phone: +43 1 532 18 01,

Published in Wiener Bezirksblatt on January 30, 2019.

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Krone: Fat Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Ride My Bike Again!”

After a treatment of his knee joint with stem cells, star hairdresser Karl “Charly” Plasil is free of pain.

Charly Plasil was always on his feet, be it at leisure in sports or in his salon. Pain in the knee put an end to his sporting ambitions. This was almost two years ago. Back then he decided to undergo a knee treatment with his own fat stem cells, which helped him to regain mobility and freedom from pain until today.

When Mr. Plasil is cycling on his mountain bike today, nobody would guess that this has not always been the case. Retrospect: As a compensation for his standing profession the hairdresser enjoyed doing sports in the nature in his free time: In the warm season on his bike, in the winter on the slopes. “One day I felt pain in my knee, which got worse and worse. I could not bend my knee and I could not do any more sports,” Charly Plasil remembers.

Pain in the knees, hips, fingers, and other joints is often a sign of joint wear or inflammation. Protection of the affected joints and visiting the doctor are recommendable. Charly Plasil left nothing undone: “I got several treatments for knee osteoarthritis and also did physical therapy and massages, but no avail.” He wanted to avoid painkillers, artificial joints, and general anesthesia.

By chance, he learned about a gentle alternative from a customer. The physician DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich told him that the regenerative power of stem cells from body fat has been investigated in clinical studies worldwide for several years. The researchers found that after a stem cell treatment joint damage, such as wear, regenerated to a certain extent in the treated patients. International scientific studies prove the therapeutic potential of this treatment method.

“The patient’s stem cells transplanted to the damaged joint enhance the natural ability to regenerate and help the body remedy the cause of the joint disease on its own,” the Vienna-based doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich explains. “In the ideal case, subsequently the pain subsides and the joint becomes mobile again.” In his clinic, founded in 1994, the physician focuses on the medical use of body fat and stem cells contained therein.

The patient saw a new treatment option in the joint treatment with stem cells from his own fat and decided to undergo treatment in DDr. Heinrich’s clinic. Some body fat was taken from the patient under local anesthesia. The stem cells contained in the fat were immediately injected in the area of ​​the affected knee. After that Mr. Plasil could leave the clinic. The next day he came back for a check-up.

A few weeks later, the patient was able to strain the knee without pain and move it without any restrictions: “I was feeling as well as I felt before the knee pain appeared, so I was able to take on my daily routine as in the old days. I have been doing sports again for almost two years now, I am just a little more cautious.” This summer, too, he enjoyed the beautiful weather cycling on his mountain bike.

“Natural joints of many patients could be preserved by timely treatment of damaged joints with stem cells,” explains DDr. Heinrich. This would save patients who suffer from osteoarthritis and joint damage from stressful surgeries and the associated long downtime.

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich,
Contact: ☎ +43 1 532 18 01,

Published in Krone Gesund on September 29, 2018.

Unsere Generation: Finally Cycling Again!

Repairing damaged joints with stem cells

Pain in the joints quickly puts an end to sporting ambitions. A therapy with stem cells can help those affected to become more mobile again – and thereby increase zest for life.

The warm season makes you want to exercise outdoors. But the pleasure quickly ends when the hips, ankles, or knees hurt. Often these are signs of weakening or inflammation of a joint. Strains such as during sports can lead to further damage. If protection and appropriate therapy do not lead to an improvement in the long term, the damaged joint needs to be replaced by an artificial joint.

In certain cases, there is a gentle alternative to joint replacement surgery: Stem cells from body fat can contribute to the regeneration of damaged joints. “By transplanting the patient’s stem cells to the damaged joint we can help the body to remedy the cause of the joint problem. Consequently, the patient’s natural joint can be preserved,” explains the Vienna-based doctor DDr. Heinrich.

Celebrity hairdresser Karl Plasil enjoys cycling on the mountain bike without pain after stem cell therapy. DDr. Heinrich: “The therapy supports the body to remedy the cause of the joint problem.”

In the course of the treatment, which is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, a small amount of fat is harvested. The stem cells separated thereby are injected directly into the area of the affected joint. “For people with limited mobility and chronic joint pain, increased mobility and pain relief mean increased quality for life,” says DDr. Heinrich.

More information: DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, Phone: +43 1 532 18 01,

Published in Unsere Generation on July 3, 2018.

Wiener Bezirksblatt: Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Problems

Driving the Car Again

Ottilie Ebner suffered from pain in the wrist for a long time. For decades she had worked as a nurse. In her job she has put too much stress on her hands. Everyday life became a problem.

Writing. In search of a suitable therapy, she consulted the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. “Ms. Ebner could not even write anymore,” says the doctor. He proposed a stem cell treatment to Ottilie Ebner. In the course of the treatment a small amount of the patient’s fat was harvested. The so-called mesenchymal stem cells contained therein were then injected in the area of the affected wrist. A few weeks later, the hand was free of pain. “Today, the patient is able to write again and drive a car,” says DDr. Heinrich.

Free of pain. Mrs. Ebner underwent treatment of the pain in her wrist by Dr. Heinrich. Heinrich. Stem cell therapy helped.

Wear and tear. “Pain is often a sign of wear or inflammation of the joint. Exercise, such as sports, can further damage affected joints,” the doctor explains. “In addition to protection, the treatment of the joint problem is the first priority.”

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, MD
Phone: +43 1 532 18 01

Published in Wiener Bezirksblatt on July 2, 2018.

Krone: Knee Treatment with Fat Stem Cells: “I Can Dance Again!”

A 79-year-old woman reports about the success of her knee treatment with fat stem cells

Ms. Vogel has always been very agile, be it when dancing or traveling around the world. Terrible knee pain severely restricted the vital 79-year-old and forced her to give up her hobbies. After a successful treatment of the knee osteoarthritis with her own fat stem cells she is now able to walk again without pain.

The pain in the knee progressively worsened over the years. “I was always on my feet, strolling in the town, dancing passionately – having to give it up was very stressful for me,” Gertraude Vogel looks back. After all, Ms. Vogel could hardly take care of the household because of her painful knee wear. Everyday life became a challenge.

The active senior did not want to accept this situation. Artificial joint replacement and surgery under general anesthesia were out of the question for her. Then she learned of a gentle alternative: Stem cells contained in body fat can contribute to the regeneration of damaged joints, as proven by scientific studies worldwide.

Every human has a large supply of their own stem cells, which can be used to treat joints such as hips, knees, and fingers. As a result of the treatment, damaged joint structures, such as worn cartilage, can regenerate to some degree.

Clinical studies prove efficacy. “The transplantation of the body’s own stem cells apparently supports the body’s ability to heal itself in case of joint problems,” explains the Vienna-based doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. His clinic, founded in 1994, focuses on body fat and its components. “With this treatment, one can relieve pain in many cases, restore joint mobility, and keep natural joints functional,” the physician says. In the meantime, numerous clinical studies on patients from all over the world confirm the effectiveness of the method.

The stem cell joint treatment of Ms. Vogel was a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia. First, a small amount of the patient’s body fat was harvested by means of a thin cannula. During the procedure stem cells were separated from it and immediately injected in the area of the affected joint. After that, Ms. Vogel was released home. The next day, she returned for the check-up.

After the treatment, the knee pain gradually decreased. About two weeks later, Ms. Vogel was completely free of pain and fully mobile. The rest pain in the knee had disappeared. “I can now stand on my feet and cook without any problems,” the satisfied patient reports. She is now able to masters her everyday life again.

In the ball season, the “dress rehearsal” for Ms. Vogel came: After the long pain-related break, she attended a dance event. To her great joy, she was able to dance almost as she did in her youth and enjoy the evening on the dance floor without pain. Ms. Vogel reports happily: “I could easily keep up with my legs even in the fast boogie-woogie.”

Her doctor DDr. Heinrich is pleased with the recovery of his patient: “A timely treatment of damaged joints with stem cells could help many younger and older patients to improve their quality of life.” Ms. Vogel also owes new zest for life to the regained mobility: Next she wants to fulfill her dream and travel to Morocco…

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich,
Contact Clinic: ☎ +43 1 532 18 01,

Published in Krone Gesund on May 25, 2018.

Patient Report on Knee Treatment with Stem Cells

Our patient underwent a treatment of the knee joint with stem cells from his body fat. Since then almost one and a half years have passed. The following interview with the patient gives an insight into his story: Why did he decide to undergo this surgery? How did he experience his treatment? What has changed in his life after the procedure?

Have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis prior to the joint treatment with your own stem cells? Or did you just experience pain in the joint whose cause was unknown?

Osteoarthritis, confirmed by several arthroscopies.

In case it had been osteoarthritis, how far had it progressed when it got treated with stem cells?

I remember that the wear was at a rather advanced stage and the doctors recommended an artificial joint.

To what extent have you been restricted by your pain in your everyday life?

Dramatically. The knee hurt even when at rest. Driving my car, climbing stairs, and standing were almost impossible.

Was treatment of the pain unavoidable for you?

Yes, because I could no longer climb stairs and limped, not to mention sports.

Did the doctors try to treat your pain by other means such as cortisone or  hyaluronic acid injections? Or was the stem cell treatment your first choice?

I have tried various treatments before my stem cell treatment, including arthroscopic surgery, but to no avail. Then my way led me to DDr. Heinrich, who treated the affected knee with my own stem cells.

Were your joint problems at such an advanced stage that you would have had to get an artificial joint as an alternative?

I was probably advised to get an artifical joint, but I did not want that.

Was your treatment carried out on an outpatient basis?

Yes, under local anesthesia.

Did your doctor give you specific instructions for the days following the procedure? Have you been prescribed bed rest or similar?

I was mobile immediately after surgery and I got the advice to avoid painful activities.

How long did you have to wait for your knee to fully recover after the treatment?

After three weeks I was able to do sports and after four weeks skiing.

When did you first see signs of improvement in your joint after the treatment? How did you notice these?

After two weeks. The pain slowly declined.

Which positive changes (e.g., being able to climb stairs more easily, running more easily)?

Climbing stairs was much easier, especially when climbing up the stairs. I did not want to run because I wanted to avoid straining the knee. The mobility of the knee generally improved.

Are you still satisfied with the result of the procedure? Or, for example, are you still experiencing joint pain or other discomfort in your knee?

Yes, I am still very satisfied. For almost one and a half years I have been free of pain and fully mobile again.

Can you move your knee without restrictions in everyday life?

Yes, both in everyday professional life as well as in sports during leisure time.

Have you been treated with stem cells only once, or did you undergo repeat treatments?

Once only.

Has the result of your procedure been positive to such an extent that you believe you will not have to get an artificial joint in your life?

Yes, I hope so.

Did you feel at risk when deciding to undergo the stem cell treatment since stem cell therapy is rather new and there is no guarantee for long-term success?

No, because only my own cells have been injected, no chemical substances with unknown side effects. And there are no treatment guarantees or long-term guarantees anyway.

Have you changed your behavior since your stem cell treatment? For example, do you do more exercise or take care of your knee through various measures?

I am doing sports again like in the past. I am just a little more careful.

In summary, do you think treating your knee with your own stem cells was the right treatment for your pain and limitations?

Yes, absolutely.

Researchers Unravel the Role of Stem Cells in Joint Regeneration

Study from Vienna gives insight into the healing process of cartilage damage

Vienna (2018-02-27) — The body’s own stem cells show remarkable success in the treatment of joint problems such as osteoarthritis and sports injuries. This is proven by scientific studies on patients worldwide. The stem cells required for the treatment can be obtained from body fat. So far, it was not known in detail how the stem cells contribute to the regeneration of the joints. New research findings now provide an answer.

The current study on the animal model shows that mesenchymal stem cells transplanted in damaged tissue stimulate the already existing stem cells for regeneration. As a result, defective joint structures, such as worn cartilage, can regenerate to some degree. Ideally, the pain subsides and the affected joint regains mobility.

“The transplantation of the body’s own fat stem cells strengthens a natural healing mechanism and helps the body to repair the defect on its own,” explains DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, physician working in the field of regenerative and aesthetic medicine from Vienna. In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich®, tissue damages such as joint wear, sports injuries of joints, and scars are treated with stem cells from autologous body fat.

Until recently, scientists have not been able to study the fate of transplanted cells in the body for a longer period of time. The researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, used a newly developed procedure to mark stem cells before transplantation. Thereby they were able to observe the role of the stem cells in the regenerative processes over a period of 6 months.

The regenerative abilities of stem cells are already used in human medicine today: In the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® joint treatment with autologous stem cells is performed as an outpatient procedure in local anesthesia. First, a small amount of the patient’s body fat is harvested. Therefrom mesenchymal stem cells and other vital cells (Stromal Vascular Fraction, SVF) are separated during the procedure. The SVF is immediately injected into joint areas where regeneration is needed.

“Stem cells from the body’s own fat provide a gentle alternative for many patients for whom surgery under general anesthesia or an artificial joint replacement is out of the question,” says DDr. Heinrich. Patients suffering from joint disease could be spared the time-consuming rehabilitation, off time, and the constant intake of pain medications.

Further information:

Clinic DDr. Heinrich®
Contact: Herfried Wagner
Phone: +43 1 532 18 01

Krone: One Year after Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Still Go Skiing!”

Patients report: Fat stem cells for knee problems

Even one year after a knee treatment with his own stem cells, star hairdresser “Charly” Plasil is racing down the slope on his skis without pain

Strong pain in the knee took the owner of the well-known Viennese hairdresser OSSIG hairstyle & beauty, Karl “Charly” Plasil, to the clinic of the doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich – for stem cell treatment. Four weeks later, the famous hair artist went skiing again. Recently, he returned home from a sporty winter holiday…

Mr. Plasil tells the history himself: “In my job I have to stand the whole day. My hair salon right next to St. Stephen’s Cathedral is on the upper floor. I climbed the stairs up and down about 50 times a day! I kept fit with skiing and cycling as well as Nordic walking.” At some point the strain left its traces on the knees. Mr. Plasil: “The pain got worse and worse. I was pretty handicapped in my job, and finally doing sports was also out of the question. I did not dare to dream of ever being able to ski again…”

The celebrity hairdresser did not want an artificial joint and general anesthesia, thus he sought and found another option: “From my longtime customer DDr. Heinrich I learned about a new method of treating joint damage with stem cells from the body’s own fat. After unsuccessful attempts with medication, physiotherapy, and even arthroscopy, I also saw this as a chance for me!”

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich focuses on body fat and its potential applications in medicine for about 20 years: “Initially, I used the patient’s own body fat primarily for aesthetic procedures. About 10 years ago it was discovered that stem cells from fat tissue have a high potential for the regeneration of damaged tissue.”

It has been found that these stem cells can therefore play a major role in the healing of injuries. DDr. Heinrich: “By transplanting the patient’s own fat stem cells we strengthen the natural healing mechanism – thereby we help the body to repair the damage on its own!”

In the meantime, numerous scientific studies worldwide prove this regenerative function. Incidentally, the treatment can basically be done on all joints, i.e., knees, hips, wrists, or fingers.

How does the treatment work? DDr. Heinrich: “I take a small portion of fat from the patient by means of a thin cannula. Therefrom stem cells are separated during the procedure and immediately thereafter injected in the area of ​​the affected joint. The treatment is carried out in local anesthesia and takes about 3 hours. Then the patient can go home and come back again for check-up the next day.”

Karl Plasil still remembers the long-awaited relief: “The pain got noticeably better pretty quickly. I never thought that I would be able to do sports after four weeks without any complications! It’s also great not to limp anymore in my job!”

However, it was not certain whether the success would last. Now this question can be answered, as Mr. Plasil reports: “This year, one year later, I got on my skis again. I was able to wedel down the slope like in the days before my knee problems! Now I am looking forward to the spring, where I will ride my bike again!”

DDr. Heinrich was able to convince himself of the recovery of his patient during the check-up. Of course, he is pleased by the success: “The treatment with stem cells from body fat can even spare severe operations or artificial joints in many cases.”

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, contact clinic:
☎ +43 1 532 18 01,

Published in Krone Gesund on February 17, 2018.

Puls4: Free of Pain Thanks to Stem Cells

Almost every sixth Austrian suffers from joint problems. Especially skiing in the winter time can lead to knee pain. Now a new therapy for the treatment of joint pain is available. The patient’s own stem cells are injected into the affected area.

Watch the report (in German language), in which Puls4 tells the story of Viennese celebrity hairdresser Karl “Charly” Plasil of OSSIG hairstyle & beauty, who can ski again without pain after a knee treatment with his own stem cells.

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