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Researchers Unravel the Role of Stem Cells in Joint Regeneration

Study from Vienna gives insight into the healing process of cartilage damage Vienna (2018-02-27) — The body’s own stem cells show remarkable success in the treatment of joint problems such as osteoarthritis and sports injuries. This is proven by scientific studies on patients worldwide. The stem cells required for the treatment can be obtained from […]

Circulation Disorders: Successful Treatment with Stem Cells from Fat

Study demonstrates the healing potential of stem cells in peripheral vascular disease Vienna (2017-03-15) — American scientists have found that stem cells from adipose tissue are an effective way to treat blood flow problems in the arms and legs. In their recent study published in the scientific journal Stem Cell Research 10 patients suffering from […]

Stem Cells from Fat Tissue Help in Joint Wear

Advances in the treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cells from body fat Vienna (2017-01-17) — Many people suffer from joint problems as a result of wear or sports injuries. In order to restore the mobility of the injured joints and to alleviate the pain so far a drug treatment or an artificial joint replacement was […]

Stem Cells from Fat Tissue Help in the Treatment of Crohn’s Disease

Study confirms the effectiveness and safety of the treatment of fistulas with stem cells from fat Vienna (2016-11-22) — An increasing number of people are suffering from Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. The intestinal distress is especially onerous for those affected who are plagued by watery diarrhea, fever, painful abscesses, and fistulas on […]

Treatment of Sports Injuries with Stem Cells from Fat

Regenerative therapies with autologous stem cells provide an alternative to surgical procedures – Studies show a high therapeutic potential of stem cells extracted from body fat Vienna (2016-02-24) — Worldwide numerous studies about the regenerative potential of stem cells from body fat are carried out. In the context of the recently published double-blind study ADIPOA […]

Thick Eyebrows and Full Hair with Growth Factors and Stem Cells

Bushy brows à la Cara Delevingne: Treatment with growth factors and stem cells stimulates hair growth Vienna (2015-11-18) — Up to now it was considered to be particularly feminine to pluck eyebrows and keep them as thin as possible. Now top model Cara Delevingne sets a trend with her bushy eyebrows. Those who plucked their […]

Top Athletes Benefit from Stem Cells

Stem cells from fat tissue as a new therapy for sports injuries Vienna (2015-10-20) — After a serious sports injury consisting of a rotator cuff rupture and an ailing elbow doctors prognosticated the end of the career for a professional baseball player. The result of a stem cell therapy even surprised the treating physician – […]

Stem Cells from Fat Help in Blood Circulation Disorders and Scleroderma

New study shows high therapeutic potential of stem cells from body fat Vienna (2014-10-07) — In a recently published study from Marseille 12 patients who suffered from circulatory problems in the fingers (Raynaud’s phenomenon) underwent promising treatment with the body’s own (autologous) stem cells. The circulatory disorders were caused by the autoimmune connective tissue disease […]

Stem Cells – Medicine of the Future?

Researchers see great therapeutic potential for stem cells obtained from fat tissue Vienna (2013-12-04) — Stem cells obtained from harvested fat apparently have an almost inexhaustible potential for therapeutic applications: The treatment of joint problems and arthritis with stem cells from autologous fat is currently the subject of a study being carried out in Germany […]

Do stem cells gained from fat heal arthritis and damaged joints?

Call to participate in internal application observation on therapy using stem cells for damaged cartilage and deteriorated joints Vienna (2013-05-07) — The treatment of damaged cartilage and arthritis using stem cells from autologous fat is the object of a study currently being conducted in Germany and France. First results recently published sound promising: Patients treated […]