Thick Eyebrows and Full Hair with Growth Factors and Stem Cells

Bushy brows à la Cara Delevingne: Treatment with growth factors and stem cells stimulates hair growth

Vienna (2015-11-18) — Up to now it was considered to be particularly feminine to pluck eyebrows and keep them as thin as possible. Now top model Cara Delevingne sets a trend with her bushy eyebrows. Those who plucked their eyebrows for years often realize that their brows now only grow back thin. There are different new types of treatments to provide eyebrows and hair thickness again: Hair follicle growth factors (HFGF), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), prostaglandins, and stem cells extracted from the patient’s own fat tissue.

“Stem cells from fat tissue and growth factors, such as can be extracted from blood, for example, support hair regeneration and have the potential to help thin eyebrows and hair to regrow,” says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, physician from Vienna who is working in the field of regenerative and aesthetic medicine. In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich® growth factors and stem cells from autologous fat are also used for skin regeneration and treatment of wrinkles.

Platelet-rich plasma, a concentrate consisting of growth factors and thrombocytes (blood platelets), can be obtained from the patient’s blood. The growth factors are injected with micro-needles into the areas where they should activate stem cells and enhance hair growth.

Stem cells from body fat have considerable biological abilities, which can be used for hair growth therapy as well. The required stem cells are extracted from a small amount of fat that is harvested by liposuction with microcannulas on an outpatient basis. Afterwards stem cells are injected into the scalp or into the area of the eyebrows. Thereby existing hair can be strengthened and growth of new hair along the hair line can be stimulated.

Depending on the initial situation optimal results can be achieved through combination of growth factors and stem cells. It is possible to repeat the hair growth treatment after several months if required. “In many cases treatments with stem cells and growth factors can spare patients an elaborate hair transplantation,” concludes DDr. Heinrich.

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