How Are the Stem Cells Used for Many Therapies Obtained?

A patient asks regarding therapies with stem cells:

I am interested in a stem cell treatment. Can you please tell me how the stem cells are obtained?

Stem cells needed for our treatments are isolated from the patient’s own fat. At the beginning of the desired treatment it is therefore necessary to do a liposuction, which differs from a conventional one in the use of microcannulas, which make the procedure much more tissue-conserving. There is no need of artificial expansion of cells because fat tissue in general has a high content of stem cells.

In the therapy of degenerative diseases and for regeneration of skin and hair stem cells are either administered intravenously or injected locally into desired areas. Due to their high biological potential stem cells extracted from body fat have many areas of therapeutic application: Joint problems like osteoarthritis or injuries, various organic diseases, nervous diseases, and cardiovascular disorders.

If new volume should be added to a body region or lacking substance rebuilt, such as in case of a breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, or buttock augmentation, stem cells are mixed with autologous fat prior the injection. Stem cell-enriched autologous fat is a living part of the body and feels completely natural.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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