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Circulation Disorders: Successful Treatment with Stem Cells from Fat

Study demonstrates the healing potential of stem cells in peripheral vascular disease Vienna (2017-03-15) — American scientists have found that stem cells from adipose tissue are an effective way to treat blood flow problems in the arms and legs. In their recent study published in the scientific journal Stem Cell Research 10 patients suffering from […]

Kira Grünberger: Are Stem Cells Also Helping in Paraplegia?

The tragic case of Kira Grünberger, an Austrian athlete who got paralyzed after an accident, went through all media. With much courage and optimism she copes with her fate. Recently I met her at the Women of the Year Awards 2015 gala where she received the well-deserved award from Uschi Fellner-Pöttler. I used the opportunity […]

How Are the Stem Cells Used for Many Therapies Obtained?

A patient asks regarding therapies with stem cells: I am interested in a stem cell treatment. Can you please tell me how the stem cells are obtained? Stem cells needed for our treatments are isolated from the patient’s own fat. At the beginning of the desired treatment it is therefore necessary to do a liposuction, […]

Which Stem Cell Therapies Are Allowed Within the EU?

A patient asks about therapies with stem cells: I have heard from the media that not all of the theoretically possible types of stem cell therapies are allowed or permitted in Germany, is that right? Yes, this information is correct. Within the EU – and therewith also in Germany – there are only treatments allowed […]

Stem Cell Banking: Precaution for the Future

Our body fat contains so-called stem cells whose regenerative potential is currently investigated in many studies worldwide. Regenerative stem cell therapies have the potential to regenerate weakened tissues and organs and could be used in the treatment of many diseases which are caused by weakness of organs and tissues in the future. Stem cell therapy […]

Growth Factor Repairs Heart Damage after Heart Attack

Good news: MYDGF (Myeloid-Derived Growth Factor), a growth factor, supports healing of the damaged heart muscle cells after a cardiac iInfarction. This is proven by studies in mice and humans. MYDGF is currently obtained from bone marrow, but can be synthesized in order to provide a simple protein therapy for infarction therapy in future. We […]

Treatment of Raynaud’s Phenomenon and Blood Circulation Problems with Stem Cells from Fat

In a recently published clinical study from Marseille 12 patients with circulation problems in the hands (Raynaud’s disease) underwent promising treatment with the body’s own (autologous) stem cells. The pale fingers are caused by the reduced blood flow. The circulation problems were triggered by the connective tissue disease scleroderma, which is considered an autoimmune disease. […]

EU Plans to Ban Doctors from Treating Patients!

“Investor protection” in favor of the pharmaceutical industry is important for the EU, but the physicians’ freedom of treatment that is required for the benefit of their patients is not. Do you remember my blog How the Imhotep “Mummy” became the God of Medicine…? The brilliant doctor and vizier Imhotep not only built the first […]

Stem Cells from Fat Help in Blood Circulation Disorders and Scleroderma

New study shows high therapeutic potential of stem cells from body fat Vienna (2014-10-07) — In a recently published study from Marseille 12 patients who suffered from circulatory problems in the fingers (Raynaud’s phenomenon) underwent promising treatment with the body’s own (autologous) stem cells. The circulatory disorders were caused by the autoimmune connective tissue disease […]