Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss: Study Confirms Effect

As you know as a reader of my blog we are working with stem cell therapies to treat hair loss in our clinic in Vienna for quite some time and could therewith already achieve very encouraging results.

A new study from the US now confirms that men and women with thin hair can nourish hope with good reason. The study proves the positive effect of stem cells on hair growth. Genetically caused hair loss (alopecia) was up to now a big challenge from the medical point of view. Many patients who suffer from hair loss can waive elaborate hair transplantations like they were used to be performed in standard alopecia situations in the future.

Stem cells can, among other therapeutic effects, induce new hair growth because of their manifold therapeutic properties. Stem cells were obtained from the patients’ fat tissue. In the context of the US study in 9 of 10 patients exceedingly satisfying results could be achieved through injections of stem cells into areas concerned: In the course of a half year it leads to an increase of hair volume from 17 to 29 percent depending on the stage of alopecia. Persons concerned could receive gentle help through such injection therapies.

We also treat patients by doing a liposuction by the means of tissue-conserving micro-cannulas to obtain a small amount of fat in the first step. The stem cells which are obtained immediately afterwards are then injected into affected scalp areas. Stem cells cause a regeneration of hair follicles by emitting growth-stimulating signals. The procedure which takes 30 minutes to two hours is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia.

A further way to treat hair loss is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) obtained from the patient’s own blood. With the regenerating power of blood platelets (thrombocytes) and growth factors from blood hair growth can be stimulated. This treatment is substantially easier than the stem cell therapy, but not that effective. Therefore it should be repeated once a year.

Mostly we do a combination of both treatments, because it has shown that PRP is stimulating the activity of the injected stem cells. This therapeutic synergy causes thicker and more sustainable hair growth.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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