Do stem cells gained from fat heal arthritis and damaged joints?

Call to participate in internal application observation on therapy using stem cells for damaged cartilage and deteriorated joints

Vienna (2013-05-07) — The treatment of damaged cartilage and arthritis using stem cells from autologous fat is the object of a study currently being conducted in Germany and France. First results recently published sound promising: Patients treated with stem cells for arthritis of the knee joint reported that they suffered less pain and have considerably increased mobility.

Due to the high potential to improve the quality of life of patients, the therapeutic effect of stem cells from autologous fat in joint ailments will be studied in an internal application observation at Clinic DDr. Heinrich®.

“The greatest therapeutic benefits of stem cell treatment appear to be gained in cases of arthritis which has not reached its advanced stages,” states DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, a Viennese doctor working in the area of aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine. In his Clinic DDr. Heinrich®, stem cells from autologous fat have been used for regenerative treatment, stem cell breast augmentation and stem cell facelift since 2007. “Stem cells have an enormous healing potential that we also have to use outside the area of aesthetic medicine for the benefit of patients,” says DDr. Heinrich.

Stem cells and the progenitor cells of connective tissue, so-called “mesenchymal stem cells”, seem to play a central role in the regeneration of deteriorated cartilage, bones and joints. Every person has sufficient amounts of these vital cells, since large quantities of them are present in fat tissue. The artificial reproduction of the stem cells in a laboratory is therefore unnecessary.

Treatment of joints takes place on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. First of all, a small amount of fat is obtained using gentle liposuction with microcannulas. The stem cells gained from it can either be implanted directly into the joint to be treated, for example, in knees, hips or hands, or administered via infusion.

With regard to the huge potential for success that stem cell therapy represents, DDr. Heinrich explains that, “if damaged joints are treated early enough using stem cells, patients could, for the time being, be spared from having to have artificial joints.”

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