Treatment of Sports Injuries with Stem Cells from Fat

Regenerative therapies with autologous stem cells provide an alternative to surgical procedures – Studies show a high therapeutic potential of stem cells extracted from body fat

Vienna (2016-02-24) — Worldwide numerous studies about the regenerative potential of stem cells from body fat are carried out. In the context of the recently published double-blind study ADIPOA from Würzburg and Montpellier 18 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis) were treated promisingly with their own (autologous) stem cells.

Especially in the ski season sports accidents are becoming an issue again. Daily it is reported about new accidents on the slopes. Long processes of recovery and pain are the consequences. The new therapies with autologous stem cells seem to be very promising in regard to the treatment of cartilage defects and injuries of bones, joints, and muscles. Thereby stem cells should effect a regeneration of the impaired body part.

“Injuries of joints and joint wear caused in another way, which have not progressed very far, seem to derive the maximum benefit from a stem cell treatment,” says DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, physician from Vienna who is working in the field of regenerative and aesthetic medicine, about the great potential of treatments with autologous stem cells.

Stem cells obtained from autologous fat are suitable for regeneration of harmed bones, cartilage, and joints. They are used both in the treatment of sports injuries and joint wear, as well as in injuries caused by accidents, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, and in aesthetic medicine, such as for the rejuvenation of face and skin. One advantage of these therapies is that local anesthesia of the affected tissue is sufficient and thus the risks of a general anesthesia can be waived.

Worldwide Clinic DDr. Heinrich® is one of a few centers for therapies with stem cells from autologous fat, to which a high success potential is attributed according to the medical study results. Stem cells are contained in all organs and body tissues, in a particularly high concentration they are found in fat tissue. Thus for extraction of autologous stem cells we can advantageously have recourse to fat, which is quite easily accessible by the means of liposuction. After isolation and special preparation of the stem cells they are injected locally in body areas concerned or administered intravenously.

The procedure with autologous stem cells takes place on an outpatient basis, whereby the patient’s mobility is ensured directly after the intervention. Physiotherapy, special training or a symptomatic pain therapy are meaningful in combination with a stem cell therapy at joint damages.

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