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Wiener Bezirksblatt: Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Problems

Driving the Car Again Ottilie Ebner suffered from pain in the wrist for a long time. For decades she had worked as a nurse. In her job she has put too much stress on her hands. Everyday life became a problem. Writing. In search of a suitable therapy, she consulted the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. […]

Krone: Knee Treatment with Fat Stem Cells: “I Can Dance Again!”

A 79-year-old woman reports about the success of her knee treatment with fat stem cells Ms. V. has always been very agile, be it when dancing or traveling around the world. Terrible knee pain severely restricted the vital 79-year-old and forced her to give up her hobbies. After a successful treatment of the knee osteoarthritis […]

Krone: One Year after Stem Cell Knee Treatment: “I Still Go Skiing!”

Patients report: Fat stem cells for knee problems Even one year after a knee treatment with his own stem cells, star hairdresser “Charly” Plasil is racing down the slope on his skis without pain Strong pain in the knee took the owner of the well-known Viennese hairdresser OSSIG hairstyle & beauty, Karl “Charly” Plasil, to […]

Puls4: Free of Pain Thanks to Stem Cells

Almost every sixth Austrian suffers from joint problems. Especially skiing in the winter time can lead to knee pain. Now a new therapy for the treatment of joint pain is available. The patient’s own stem cells are injected into the affected area. Watch the report (in German language), in which Puls4 tells the story of […]

Wiener Bezirksblatt: When Cells Heal

New treatments with stem cells Medicine | Stem cells are regarded as a hope for new therapies in medicine. Their application is already standard in the treatment of leukemia. For many years the use of fat and its components for health and beauty are at the center of the Viennese doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. He treats […]

Krone: Wrist Osteoarthritis: “I Can Write Again!”

Treatment with fat stem cells helped nurse Ottilie Ebner to cure long-term, painful wear in the right wrist. Author: Dr. med. Wolfgang Exel Due to increasing pain in the right wrist nurse Ottilie Ebner gradually lost her autonomy over the years. She did not want put up with this any longer and decided to undergo treatment […]

Krone: Knee Pain: Fit for the Match Again!

Severe pain put the Austrian national league basketball player Max Neugebauer suddenly out of action. But of course a top sportsman does not give up! After some unsuccessful therapy attempts, the 21-year-old athlete decided to undergo treatment with stem cells from his own body fat. Now he is again free of pain and ready for […]

Dein Bezirk: Success: “Finally I Can Ski Again!”

Just a few months ago, the owner of the hairdresser salon OSSIG Karl (“Charly”) Josef Plasil could hardly walk because of pain in the knee joint. In the meantime he is skiing again and is walking quickly on foot – thanks to a knee treatment with stem cells from his own body fat. Physical activity […]

Krone: Fat Stem Cells: “I Can Do Sports Again”

Celebrity hairdresser Karl “Charly” Plasil from Vienna owes new zest for life to a knee treatment with stem cells from body fat Author: Dr. Wolfgang Exel Physical activity has always been an essential part of his life for Charly Plasil. Whether in his salon (OSSIG hairstyle & beauty) in downtown Vienna, where he dresses up […]

Wiener Bezirksblatt: Osteoarthritis Therapy Using Autologous Fat

Joint damage When it works in dogs and racing horses – why not in humans? Joint damages of these animals were treated with stem cells taken from their body fat. Liposuction “Such treatments have also been successful in humans for a number of years,” reports DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich ( The physician has, among others, specialized in […]