Krone: Knee Treatment with Fat Stem Cells: “I Can Dance Again!”

A 79-year-old woman reports about the success of her knee treatment with fat stem cells

Ms. Vogel has always been very agile, be it when dancing or traveling around the world. Terrible knee pain severely restricted the vital 79-year-old and forced her to give up her hobbies. After a successful treatment of the knee osteoarthritis with her own fat stem cells she is now able to walk again without pain.

The pain in the knee progressively worsened over the years. “I was always on my feet, strolling in the town, dancing passionately – having to give it up was very stressful for me,” Gertraude Vogel looks back. After all, Ms. Vogel could hardly take care of the household because of her painful knee wear. Everyday life became a challenge.

The active senior did not want to accept this situation. Artificial joint replacement and surgery under general anesthesia were out of the question for her. Then she learned of a gentle alternative: Stem cells contained in body fat can contribute to the regeneration of damaged joints, as proven by scientific studies worldwide.

Every human has a large supply of their own stem cells, which can be used to treat joints such as hips, knees, and fingers. As a result of the treatment, damaged joint structures, such as worn cartilage, can regenerate to some degree.

Clinical studies prove efficacy. “The transplantation of the body’s own stem cells apparently supports the body’s ability to heal itself in case of joint problems,” explains the Vienna-based doctor DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich. His clinic, founded in 1994, focuses on body fat and its components. “With this treatment, one can relieve pain in many cases, restore joint mobility, and keep natural joints functional,” the physician says. In the meantime, numerous clinical studies on patients from all over the world confirm the effectiveness of the method.

The stem cell joint treatment of Ms. Vogel was a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia. First, a small amount of the patient’s body fat was harvested by means of a thin cannula. During the procedure stem cells were separated from it and immediately injected in the area of the affected joint. After that, Ms. Vogel was released home. The next day, she returned for the check-up.

After the treatment, the knee pain gradually decreased. About two weeks later, Ms. Vogel was completely free of pain and fully mobile. The rest pain in the knee had disappeared. “I can now stand on my feet and cook without any problems,” the satisfied patient reports. She is now able to masters her everyday life again.

In the ball season, the “dress rehearsal” for Ms. Vogel came: After the long pain-related break, she attended a dance event. To her great joy, she was able to dance almost as she did in her youth and enjoy the evening on the dance floor without pain. Ms. Vogel reports happily: “I could easily keep up with my legs even in the fast boogie-woogie.”

Her doctor DDr. Heinrich is pleased with the recovery of his patient: “A timely treatment of damaged joints with stem cells could help many younger and older patients to improve their quality of life.” Ms. Vogel also owes new zest for life to the regained mobility: Next she wants to fulfill her dream and travel to Morocco…

DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich,
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Published in Krone Gesund on May 25, 2018.

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