Patient Report on Knee Treatment with Stem Cells

Our patient underwent a treatment of the knee joint with stem cells from his body fat. Since then almost one and a half years have passed. The following interview with the patient gives an insight into his story: Why did he decide to undergo this surgery? How did he experience his treatment? What has changed in his life after the procedure?

Have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis prior to the joint treatment with your own stem cells? Or did you just experience pain in the joint whose cause was unknown?

Osteoarthritis, confirmed by several arthroscopies.

In case it had been osteoarthritis, how far had it progressed when it got treated with stem cells?

I remember that the wear was at a rather advanced stage and the doctors recommended an artificial joint.

To what extent have you been restricted by your pain in your everyday life?

Dramatically. The knee hurt even when at rest. Driving my car, climbing stairs, and standing were almost impossible.

Was treatment of the pain unavoidable for you?

Yes, because I could no longer climb stairs and limped, not to mention sports.

Did the doctors try to treat your pain by other means such as cortisone or  hyaluronic acid injections? Or was the stem cell treatment your first choice?

I have tried various treatments before my stem cell treatment, including arthroscopic surgery, but to no avail. Then my way led me to DDr. Heinrich, who treated the affected knee with my own stem cells.

Were your joint problems at such an advanced stage that you would have had to get an artificial joint as an alternative?

I was probably advised to get an artifical joint, but I did not want that.

Was your treatment carried out on an outpatient basis?

Yes, under local anesthesia.

Did your doctor give you specific instructions for the days following the procedure? Have you been prescribed bed rest or similar?

I was mobile immediately after surgery and I got the advice to avoid painful activities.

How long did you have to wait for your knee to fully recover after the treatment?

After three weeks I was able to do sports and after four weeks skiing.

When did you first see signs of improvement in your joint after the treatment? How did you notice these?

After two weeks. The pain slowly declined.

Which positive changes (e.g., being able to climb stairs more easily, running more easily)?

Climbing stairs was much easier, especially when climbing up the stairs. I did not want to run because I wanted to avoid straining the knee. The mobility of the knee generally improved.

Are you still satisfied with the result of the procedure? Or, for example, are you still experiencing joint pain or other discomfort in your knee?

Yes, I am still very satisfied. For almost one and a half years I have been free of pain and fully mobile again.

Can you move your knee without restrictions in everyday life?

Yes, both in everyday professional life as well as in sports during leisure time.

Have you been treated with stem cells only once, or did you undergo repeat treatments?

Once only.

Has the result of your procedure been positive to such an extent that you believe you will not have to get an artificial joint in your life?

Yes, I hope so.

Did you feel at risk when deciding to undergo the stem cell treatment since stem cell therapy is rather new and there is no guarantee for long-term success?

No, because only my own cells have been injected, no chemical substances with unknown side effects. And there are no treatment guarantees or long-term guarantees anyway.

Have you changed your behavior since your stem cell treatment? For example, do you do more exercise or take care of your knee through various measures?

I am doing sports again like in the past. I am just a little more careful.

In summary, do you think treating your knee with your own stem cells was the right treatment for your pain and limitations?

Yes, absolutely.

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