Can Colitis Ulcerosa Lead to Hair Loss?

A patient mails me:

I was diagnosed with an ulcerative colitis, they tried every treatment they had to stop the inflammation but none of them worked so they had to remove my entire intestine. Since then I started to lose some hair. So my conclusion is the hair loss I’m experiencing is due from all the surgeries and stress I had during that time I spent at the hospital.

He is probably true. Hair loss can be caused by all the stress he experienced with surgery, treatments and hospital time.

So what can our patient do to stop the hair loss caused by the treatment of colitis ulcerosa? Hair loss is a symptom of a weakened health condition and should thus be treated systemically by strengthening the body. Intravenous stem cell therapy as well as bioidenticals (BHRT) will be useful.

Also directly addressing the hair follicles by local application of stem cells and PRP should be considered, as well as taking nutritional additives that contain collagen and hyaluronan. All this will help the hair to grow better and stop the hair loss.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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