Scar Revision of Acne Scars with Stem Cells

An Arabian patient with skin problems asks us by e-mail:

I am having severe acne scarring on both cheeks and the last doctor I visited said that my skin is of very poor quality and it is not recommended to have surgery or strong laser therapy like CO2. He said that the only possible solution is therapy with stem cells from the abdomen area (result either 0 % or 80 % as it is a new technique and results are not guaranteed).

The results of stem cell treatment of acne scars will also depend on the way the stem cells are administered. In heavy scarring other ways are to be used than in skin rejuvenation of normal aging skin. Acne scars can often be treated with local injections of autologous stem cells extracted from fat tissue. In case of isolated larger scars and formation of unsightly scar tissue the scar has to be cut out and the subsequent wound healing process is supported by application of stem cells. In addition, the stem cells can also be administered systemically by infusion.

The skin quality can also be improved by intake of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are the essential components of our skin, via food.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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