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Stem Cell Therapy in Baldness

A patient with hair problems wants to know about hair growth therapy with stem cells: Can you also treat bald spots on the scalp and how long does the treatment/result take? Baldness can be treated with stem cells isolated from the body’s own fat. The treatments duration is about 2 hours and the result can […]

Stem Cell Treatment of Skin Defects and Scars Caused by Laser Treatments

A patient asks about skin regeneration with stem cells from autologous fat: I underwent multiple laser treatments of my skin. Afterwards skin defects appeared, with severe redness and scars. Can stem cells be used to rebuild a new skin? What can stem cells do? They can help to regenerate and rebuild the skin, smooth out […]

Treatment of Hair Loss with Stem Cells

A patient asks regarding hair growth therapy with stem cells out of the body’s own fat tissue: I am 39 years old, taking finasteride for 10 years due to hair loss, and now I am planning to discontinue taking these in the medium term. Could stem cell therapy help me? Absolutely. We have gained very […]

Yale Scientists: Stem Cells Tell Hair to Grow

Good news for hair loss patients: Researchers at Yale University discovered that the signal that prompts hair growth comes from Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC). Injecting these stem cells from fat tissue into the scalp might be the key to treat baldness. That is what we are already doing: The hair treatment with the body’s own […]

Problems with Thinning Hair

A patient asks about hair loss: Hello, I need some advice. I can see my hair is thinning on the top middle and was hoping to get your opinion what can be done to make it thick again naturally? We recommend a thorough analysis to exclude any disease or poisoning. Then we would search for […]

Hair Transplant and Stem Cell Therapy

The difference between these two treatments of hair loss is that in hair transplantation parts of the skin containing hair follicles get cut out from the scalp and implanted in the region with little hair growth, whereas in stem cell therapy cell suspension from aspirated fat tissue is injected into the scalp. The hair treatment […]

Can Colitis Ulcerosa Lead to Hair Loss?

A patient mails me: I was diagnosed with an ulcerative colitis, they tried every treatment they had to stop the inflammation but none of them worked so they had to remove my entire intestine. Since then I started to lose some hair. So my conclusion is the hair loss I’m experiencing is due from all […]

How Long Does a Hair Treatment with Stem Cells Take?

A patient would like to know the following via e-mail: How much time does hair loss therapy with stem cells take? I want to know… let me know. Such a hair treatment with autologous stem cells takes about two hours; the most time-consuming part is the stem cell isolation. The extraction of the body’s own […]

Treatment of Raynaud’s Phenomenon and Blood Circulation Problems with Stem Cells from Fat

In a recently published clinical study from Marseille 12 patients with circulation problems in the hands (Raynaud’s disease) underwent promising treatment with the body’s own (autologous) stem cells. The pale fingers are caused by the reduced blood flow. The circulation problems were triggered by the connective tissue disease scleroderma, which is considered an autoimmune disease. […]

EU Plans to Ban Doctors from Treating Patients!

“Investor protection” in favor of the pharmaceutical industry is important for the EU, but the physicians’ freedom of treatment that is required for the benefit of their patients is not. Do you remember my blog How the Imhotep “Mummy” became the God of Medicine…? The brilliant doctor and vizier Imhotep not only built the first […]